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These pages provide the overall documentation for AutoFixture.


AutoFixture is designed around a very general and extensible kernel, specialized by the Fixture class. The architecture and extensibility points are described on the Architecture page.


AutoFixture is currently being developed in C# on .NET 3.5 using Visual Studio 2010 with as the unit testing framework. So far, all development has been done with TDD so there is a pretty high degree of code coverage, and it would be preferable to keep it that way.

All binaries (such as are included in the Mercurial repository under the \Lib folder. All additional binaries not part of .NET 3.5 must go there as well, so that it would be possible to pull down the repository and immediately be able to compile and run all tests.

There are several different targeted solutions to be found under the \Src folder, but be aware that the final verification step before pushing to the repository is to successfully run all the unit tests in the BuildRelease.ps1 file.

As part of the verification build, Visual Studio Code Analysis is executed in a configuration that treats warnings as errors. No CA warnings should be suppressed unless the documented conditions for suppression are satisfied. Otherwise, a documented agreement between at least two active developers of the project should be reached to allow a suppression of a non-suppressable warning.

When developing for AutoFixture, please respect the coding style already present. Look around in the source code to get a feel for it. Also, please follow the Open Source Contribution Etiquette. AutoFixture is a fairly typical open source project: if you want to contribute, start by creating a fork and sending a pull request when you have something you wish to commit. When creating pull requests, please keep the Single Responsibility Principle in mind. A pull request that does a single thing very well is more likely to be accepted.

If you consistently supply code of a high standard, you will eventually be granted Developer rights.

AutoFixture is set for Continuous Integration on The latest build (including strong names) can be downloaded from there, but Continuous Delivery is also enabled, which means that the latest build is also automatically published on CodePlex and NuGet.


Detailed treatments of specific topics can typically be found on ploeh blog as well:

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